Transnational meeting of grassroots collectives for Housing Justice

The European Action Coalition for the right to housing and to the city (EAC) is a network of 35 grassroot collectives and organisations active in more than 20 countries in Europe. Twice a year, the EAC members meet in a different European country. This time, the meeting will take place in Exarcheia, Athens. The Athens’ […]

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Politics of Liberation

1st Seminar: Dylan Riley “What Next? The End of Democratic Capitalism and the Tasks of the Left” You can watch the seminar live here. Politics of Liberation is a bi-monthly seminar series which will be convened by Rosa Vasilaki and Giorgos Souvlis and will take place in the premises of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Kallidromiou […]

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Outsourcing Europe’s Borders

Please register for free here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/…/outsourcing-europes… Speakers: Apostolis Fotiadis (researcher), Rahmane Idrissa (political scientist), Muhammad al-Kashef (human rights lawyer and migration activist), Angela Melitopoulos (artist/filmmaker), Nandita Sharma (activist scholar) This programme, organised by research group System of Systems with the support of RLS Greece, brings together activists, legal practitioners, artists and researchers to explore the […]

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Memory, Affect and Agonism

The research program Queer Politics/Public Memory drawing on the mobilizations, protests, cultural practices and solidarity gatherings following the murder of the activist Zak Kostopoulos/ Zackie Oh, organizes the first Roundtable from a series of scheduled public discussions, titled “ Memory, Affect and Agonism”. Taking as a starting point the political mobilizations “with anger and grief” […]

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Neo-Nazism on trial

In July 2018, after 5 years, the trial against the Nazi terrorist organization NSU in Germany was completed. The organization had committed 10 racially motivated murders in the period 2000-2007. The trial verdict was disappointing: not much light was shed on the case, contrary to what Chancellor Merkel herself promised when the organization’s criminal activity […]

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Searching for a new home: people on the move, societies at a standstill?

Babel Day Centre (mental health unit for migrants and refugees) and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Office in Greece would like to invite you on Thursday 11th of October at 19:00 to the open event-discussion: “Searching for a new home: People on the Move, Societies at a Standstill?” This event will bring together an interdisciplinary team of […]

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