by Yiorgos P. Kavounis & iNO
Project 'Dialogue' organised by Stigma Lab.
A dialogue of two artists that one of them has never worked in a wall before in order to produce a mural. Remap 4 biannual contemporary art platform Athens 2013.

The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

The aim of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung activities in Greece is the analysis of the dramatic impact that neoliberal policies regarding the crisis has brought to Greek society, the creation of a broad and open public sphere and the support of the Greek comrades in their fight against this policies. Central point to this work is the exchange of experiences between Germans and Greeks. Since mid-2012 the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung has an Office in Athens to coordinated this work.

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The Center for International Dialogue and Cooperation (Zentrum für Internationalen Dialog und Zusammenarbeit – ZID), with its offices abroad and its regional departments, and the Institut für Gesellschaftsanalyse (IfG) are active in the field of international research. . The European network transform!europe is also an important partner.


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