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The Militarization of EU Borders

Political discourse in Europe on migration revolves around exclusionary policies, the targeting of “others”, of refugees and migrants and of anyone that is different, creating a disproportionate impact on these populations. The failures in implementing EU law and policy in the area of irregular migration, and making it effective and respectful of human rights, reveal […]

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Social cohesion and the impact of welfare policies on migrants

In recent years, economic, social and political developments in Europe have challenged European welfare governance. Many countries, including Greece, launched austerity programmes that have negatively affected welfare systems and impoverished disadvantaged populations. At the same time, the global situation (political, social, military conflicts, human rights abuses, violence, weather, etc.) has resulted in the increased movement […]

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Majalediko is a magazine inspired by former members of the “Lgbtqia+ Refugees Welcome” collective, most of whom are now outside Greece, but it was this group that started the processes of creating Εmantes. Émantes managed to bring this idea back, which was eventually implemented by younger members of the LGBT+ refugee community. It took seven […]

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