Working and retiring with dignity

A study of labour, social security and pensions of Pilipina/o workers in Greece
Pages: 128

This community research project was conceived by KASAPI Hellas as an expression of its commitment to the rights and welfare of Pilipina/o migrant workers, who migrated to Greece in the past few decades, leaving their homes and loved ones to seek a better life for themselves and their families. This study is the first in Greece to be done by and for Pilipina/o domestic workers. It includes a large survey, interviews, focus groups and recommendations.

The intent is to map what is happening on the ground in the life of Pilipina/o migrant workers, their working conditions, as most are live-in domestic workers confined within the four walls of their employers, and to understand how they are treated by state agencies that “exported” them due to lack of job opportunities back in their home country.
It also aims to gather objective information on their working conditions and treatment by state institutions in Greece. The study hopes to capture the feelings and demands of Pilipina/o migrant workers, and to change policies in Greece and the Philippines, so that all workers may be allowed to work and retire in dignity.

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