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Social cohesion and the impact of welfare policies on migrants

In recent years, economic, social and political developments in Europe have challenged European welfare governance. Many countries, including Greece, launched austerity programmes that have negatively affected welfare systems and impoverished disadvantaged populations. At the same time, the global situation (political, social, military conflicts, human rights abuses, violence, weather, etc.) has resulted in the increased movement […]

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The Balkans and Black Marxism

How can Black Marxism as an expression of the Black Radical Tradition help us critically study today’s Balkans? In his book Black Marxism, Cedric Robinson underscores the importance of feudalism and racialized social conventions for the beginnings of capitalism even while reformulating the significance of the Balkan–Eastern Mediterranean space as the periphery’s first geography of […]

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A call to rasanblaj

The Haitian-American feminist anthropologist, artist and academic Gina Athena Ulysse engages in rasanblaj: a unique feminist and decolonial practice rooted in black aesthetics and the Haitian spiritual and historical experience. This volume attempts to broaden access to contemporary black radical thought and art, especially, to Caribbean genealogies. At the core of the volume is the […]

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Liberalism and illiberalism: A postcolonial approach

This short text uses examples from US liberal imperialism to illuminate the postcolonial critique of liberalism and its standpoint. First, it thinks of the postcolonial critique as one that sees the liberal script as a constitutive boundary-drawing project. Liberalism universalizes not in opposition to but through its particularizing moves. Second, it claims that the postcolonial […]

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The “Dragon’s Head” – Greece’s place in the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative

Dragons are common symbols of formidable and auspicious powers in Chinese culture. In China’s New Silk Road, the “dragon’s head” is the Greek Port of Piraeus, as President Xi put it. Greece’s largest and Europe’s seventh-largest port has become the cornerstone of multifaceted and growing Chinese investment in the country. But despite triumphal cries, whether the Chinese […]

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“Vulnerable” equality in times of pandemic

Aliki Kosyfologou’s text entitled “vulnerable” equality in times of pandemic, is an introduction to the study “Women’s Status in a Struggling Greek Economy: The Terrifying Fall of a Society’s progress”, published in English by February 2020 in the context of the thematic “Feminist Responses against Austerity: How fiscal cost cutting impacts women around Europe” (Rosa […]

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