Rosa Luxemburg
Stiftung –
Office in Greece

Kallidromiou Str. 17,
GR 10680, Athens
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 09.00-17.00
Boris Kanzleiter,
[email protected]

+30 210-3632208
Efi Panagopoulou,
Project manager:
[email protected]

+30 210-3643298
Eftychia Kotini,
Financial manager:
[email protected]

+30 210-3617769
Electra Alexandropoulou,
Project manager:
[email protected]

+30 210-3632200
Phoebe Daliani,
Project manager:
[email protected]

+30 210-3613769
Vangelis Koltsidas,
Office/PR manager:
[email protected]

+30 210-3636761

Global Network

The Center for International Dialogue and Cooperation (Zentrum für Internationalen Dialog und Zusammenarbeit – ZID), with its offices abroad and its regional departments, and the Institut für Gesellschaftsanalyse (IfG) are active in the field of international research. . The European network transform!europe is also an important partner.


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