Against a mainstream (Far) Right

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19 September 2019

Panel discussion, Thursday, September 19th 2019, 19:00


All around Europe, but also in the Americas, the Far Right is on the rise. It is not necessarily a very militant version of Far Right organizations that gain ground, it is far more an extreme conservative, reactionary, in many cases religious Right that manages to persuade people to vote for them. We see the mainstream narrative shifting to the right, we see new politicians with connections to Far Right organizations candidating for major political positions, we see nationalism and extreme conservatism being legitimized in the mainstream political scene. Big topics worldwide, like climate change, but also important regional and national questions, like Brexit, like the refugees’ flow towards Europe, like the Macedonian issue, provide fertile ground for nationalistic, racist and anachronistic narratives, which tend to draw the whole political discussion to the right. So, when the Far Right narrative becomes mainstream, how can we counter it? Which are the new methods and tools that the Far Right uses to promote for itself and its ideas, to legitimize its narrative and influence the public discussion? What do the examples from Great Britain, Germany and Greece show us?


A discussion with:


  • Liz Fekete, Director of the Institute of Race Relations and head of its European Research Programme, Great Britain
  • Alexander Hoffmann, lawyer, Civil Action in the NSU trial, Germany
  • Kostis Papaioannou, memeber of Golden Dawn Watch.


Entrance is free.

There will be simultaneous translation Greek-English-German.

* The sketch is by Gabriel Pagonis.