Rethinking Europe

Rethinking Europe is a series of lectures that, starting from the Greek crisis, aims to refocus the discussion on Europe’s future. Tackling the economic crisis in Greece reflects more comprehensive strategies for Europe. Thus, we bring together influential intellectuals from Europe and the USA to reflect on the consequences of the prevailing hegemonial politics and […]

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What is TTIP?

On the occasion of the revised version of the brochure, TTIP: a charter for deregulation, an attack on jobs, an end to democracy, the Rosa Luxemburg  Stiftung – Brussels Office, in collaboration with the Outview Queer Film Festival, are organizing an open discussion about TTIP titled What is TTIP?, on Tuesday 12th of May 2015 […]

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Health in times of crisis in Greece, Germany and Europe

The austerity policy dictated by the Troika in Greece affects the Greek health system: on the one hand increases the number of uninsured, because after a year of unemployed people lose their insurance;  EOPYY, the new insurer founded during the dictation of Troika is permanently underfunded. This situation, obviously based on political choices, have disastrous […]

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