20th seminar: Sara Farris

Sara Farris is a sociologist with expertise in social theory, gender, migration and care/social reproduction. She is well known internationally for her research on the mobilisation of feminist themes by nationalist parties within anti-immigration and anti-Islam campaigns, or “femonationalism”. Title of the lecture: “Feminists From the Kitchen Floor: On Domestic Workers’ Erased Feminism” Politics of […]

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15th Seminar: Eugenia Siapera

Eugenia Siapera  “New Technologies: Between Liberation and Subjugation”   The pace of technological development has significantly accelerated in the past 20 years or so. Aided by unprecedented computing power, ideas that belonged to science fiction are now possible. Techniques such as machine learning and deep learning have massively increased in precision and refinement. However, these […]

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13th Seminar: Volodymyr Ishchenko

“Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and the post-Soviet crisis of hegemony” How can Gramsci help us to understand the war in Ukraine? The talk will discuss the concepts of passive and Jacobin revolutions, hegemony crisis, Caesarism in relation to the post-Soviet condition. Post-Soviet Caesarist regimes and maidan revolutions presented only deficient solutions to the post-Soviet crisis […]

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12th Seminar: Athina Karatzogianni

Athina Karatzogianni “Revolutionary consciousness follows does not direct the movement: Luxemburg’s relevance for digital movement organisation today” This seminar problematises human consciousness, temporality, as well as historical, class, and false consciousness, all of them as elements of an ideologisation process ongoing at the individual and collective levels, fundamentally influencing leadership emergence in sociopolitical formations. Although […]

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11th Seminar:

Reporters United “#PredatorGate: Investigating the underreported surveillance scandal in Greece” Since December 2021, Reporters United has been investigating the wiretapping scandal, uncovering both the surveillance on part of the Greek national secret services (ΕΥP) and the spyware infections performed via the illegal spyware Predator. On January 4, 2022, we explained how the government changed the […]

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9th Seminar: Susan Robertson

Check details and register here. You can watch the event on our YouTube channel, here. Susan Robertson “Just Educational Futures” Thomas Piketty and colleagues (Piketty 2020; Gethin, Martinez-Toledano and Piketty 2021), amongst others, point to what appears a paradox; that in many Western societies, a significant rise in the level of social inequalities over the […]

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