12th Seminar: Athina Karatzogianni

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Politics of Liberation

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Politics of Liberation
10 March 2023

Athina Karatzogianni “Revolutionary consciousness follows does not direct the movement: Luxemburg’s relevance for digital movement organisation today”

This seminar problematises human consciousness, temporality, as well as historical, class, and false consciousness, all of them as elements of an ideologisation process ongoing at the individual and collective levels, fundamentally influencing leadership emergence in sociopolitical formations. Although there is extensive knowledge of ideology and its structural effectivity in organising any collective human activity, scholarship addressing ideology and digital temporalities within varieties of capitalism’s systemic inequalities is by comparison embryonic. This seminar discusses Rosa Luxemburg’s dictum that political consciousness follows and does not direct the movement and shows how the digital transformation of temporality impacts on the ideologisation process, movement organisational structure, as well as the biolabour process, culminating on the fractalization of movement leadership and its devastating implications for class formation.

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