13th Seminar: Volodymyr Ishchenko

“Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and the post-Soviet crisis of hegemony” How can Gramsci help us to understand the war in Ukraine? The talk will discuss the concepts of passive and Jacobin revolutions, hegemony crisis, Caesarism in relation to the post-Soviet condition. Post-Soviet Caesarist regimes and maidan revolutions presented only deficient solutions to the post-Soviet crisis […]

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12th Seminar: Athina Karatzogianni

Athina Karatzogianni “Revolutionary consciousness follows does not direct the movement: Luxemburg’s relevance for digital movement organisation today” This seminar problematises human consciousness, temporality, as well as historical, class, and false consciousness, all of them as elements of an ideologisation process ongoing at the individual and collective levels, fundamentally influencing leadership emergence in sociopolitical formations. Although […]

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11th Seminar:

Reporters United “#PredatorGate: Investigating the underreported surveillance scandal in Greece” Since December 2021, Reporters United has been investigating the wiretapping scandal, uncovering both the surveillance on part of the Greek national secret services (ΕΥP) and the spyware infections performed via the illegal spyware Predator. On January 4, 2022, we explained how the government changed the […]

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10th Seminar: Kanishka Goonewardena

Kanishka Goonewardena “Neoliberalism in Sri Lanka: Crisis, Protest and Left Strategy” This presentation attempts to make sense of the economic crisis and political protest in Sri Lanka. In popular media and by the protestors themselves, the on-going Sri Lankan crisis of 2022 was mostly if not exclusively understood in terms of the corruption, ineptitude and […]

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9th Seminar: Susan Robertson

Check details and register here. You can watch the event on our YouTube channel, here. Susan Robertson “Just Educational Futures” Thomas Piketty and colleagues (Piketty 2020; Gethin, Martinez-Toledano and Piketty 2021), amongst others, point to what appears a paradox; that in many Western societies, a significant rise in the level of social inequalities over the […]

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8th Seminar: Aristotle Kallis “The banality of fascism”

Little over a hundred years ago the word ‘fascism’ was meaningless. Only a few ‘dense’ years later it had graduated into a formidable trope, first in Italy and very soon across an ever-expanding range of countries. Superlatives have accompanied historical accounts of fascism ever since its appearance in crisis-ridden post-WW1 Italy. Surely something as extreme, […]

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7th Seminar: Panayota Gounari, “The debate around Critical Race Theory in the US and the Discourses of Historical Revisionism”

Far-right populist authoritarianism builds on the rhetoric of historical revisionism. Revisionist history can be illustrated in the U.S. Republicans’ backlash against using Critical Race Theory in school curricula, promoting at the same time ‘Patriotic Education,’ a whitewashed nativist version that bears little relevance to the present, while selectively erasing the past. This seminar explores the […]

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