14th Seminar: Judith Butler

The event is over.

Politics of Liberation

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Politics of Liberation
7 April 2023

Τhe next speaker of the seminar will be Judith Butler. Her talk will be titled “The Slow Power of Liberation”.

The lecture will be conducted in real time, via a video calling platform, and the audience will have the opportunity to watch live and ask questions.

Therefore, the registration process for the physical presence of the public will take place normally.


Politics of Liberation is a bi-monthly seminar series which will be convened by Rosa Vasilaki and Giorgos Souvlis and will take place in the premises of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Kallidromiou 17, Athens, 1st floor) on Friday evenings from mid-September 2022 to the end of June 2023, from 7pm to 9pm.
The seminar will have the form of an open talk given by an invited speaker discussing aspects of the current conjuncture related to their research interests. Discussion with the participants will follow and materials related to the seminar will be available beforehand, so as to prepare ourselves for the discussion.

The seminar will take place in person, therefore it is paramount that you register before attending because of space limitations. Registration is on first-come first-served basis so make sure you register early. Registration opens 15 days beforehand. Make sure to make your booking asap!

Check details, watch video and register here