No direction home

One year after publication of the book The Coldest Summer, of which 18,500 copies have already been printed, the Greek Office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is publishing No Direction Home, featuring the work of 30 Greek photographers that captures the refugee dra­ma, the journey of the displaced from the war zones in Syria and […]

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The coldest summer

A working mother, a working father and two children who are forced to struggle to survive, to leave their homeland because it has become too dangerous, to abandon the life they knew as it had become unbearable, and leave their families behind in the pursuit of a life where they can think beyond the next […]

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[UPDATED] The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

When the first edition of this booklet was published in spring 2014, few people could have predicted that TTIP would soon become one of the hottest political topics in Europe. TTIP has become a key political issue in many countries, with growing media interest feeding off public fear at the substantial dangers that the agreement […]

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Golden Dawn on trial

After many years of bloody action on the streets, the leaders and officials of Golden Dawn are in the dock facing charges of directing and participating in a criminal organisation. No special legislation or political intervention was required. All that was needed was the state’s decision to allow the criminal code to be applied and […]

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Migration in Greece

For at least twenty years, the migration issue in Greece is an issue which has been permanently coming to the forefront in different guises, taking up a central spot in public discussions. Those discussions are mostly dominated by distorted notions, while true facts are obscured, as migration is an issue that is instrumentalised by politics […]

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