No direction home

One year after publication of the book The Coldest Summer, of which 18,500 copies have already been printed, the Greek Office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is publishing No Direction Home, featuring the work of 30 Greek photographers that captures the refugee dra­ma, the journey of the displaced from the war zones in Syria and Kobani to the refugee camp at Calais and their passage through Greece and the Balkans on their route towards northern and central Europe.

Much has happened in the interim. The borders were closed. Fences were raised along the Balkan route to stop the passage of refugees. The European Commission is trying to manage what’s been dubbed a “refugee crisis” through quotas and promises of resettlement, through dangerous hot spots and a misguided agreement with Turkey, while essentially unwilling to manage anything other than how to keep the refugees outside the walls of Fortress Europe. Greece has become the buffer zone for everything the EU refuses to face: 62,673 people live here, trapped in dire living conditions, a situation that has already be­gun to add to the death toll from the sea and the hot spots. Asylum processing is slow. This is making the ground more fertile for the far right, not just in Greece but across Europe.

The publication is free of charge. For free copies, please contact the Office in Greece.