X them out! A Black Map of Athens

The event is over.

Campaign on racist violence on the streets of the city

Campaign on racist violence on the streets of the city
11 February 2019

“X them out! A Black Map of Athens” is a street campaign designed with the aim of pinpointing and highlighting the unseen criminality related to racist attacks in the public space. It is a joint initiative of the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, Office in Greece, and the organization HumanRights360.

To begin with, we selected 50 of the hundreds of racist violence incidents that have occurred in the streets of the city. For each one, we created a sticker with a QR code that we stick on the site of the attack in the city. The QR code leads to the map where those 50 attacks have been registered for starters. Each attack is described by a short text and a picture.

Acknowledging that the year 2019 is a crucial year for the development of the Golden Dawn trial, which brought to light dozens of its racist crimes, we created this campaign, attempting to visualize a topography of racist violence.

Visit the online map, locate the stickers in the streets of Athens and scan them with your cell phone!

Stay tuned with the campaign, and, very soon, the 50 works of art that illustrate the 50 attacks will be displayed in an exhibition that will be held at Technopolis City of Athens from Wednesday, the 13 until Sunday, the 17 of March 2019, under the auspices of the City of Athens Migrant Integration Council. The exhibition will be framed by discussions and parallel events.

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