Women in mass media

The event is over.
20 June 2017

A public discussion about women in mass media. Four women with a long-time experience will exchange views and discuss with the public. Our guests on Tuesday, June 20, at 20:00:

  • Laura Flanders, journalist, producer of The Laura Flanders Show
  • Deppy Vrettou, producer at ERT (Hellenic Broadcaster Corporation), member of the WIFT board
  • Kaki Bali, editor in chief of the Avgi newspaper Sunday issue

The discussion will be moderated by Avra Georgiou, documentary producer, organizer of CineDoc.

Are women in radio, television, film and press under-represented? Are they discriminated? How much do they contribute to the content, are they engaged to take up leading and decision-making positions? What role does image play in the TV-career of a woman? What is the influence of women in the press and how present are they in the field of political analysis? How could they be encouraged to participate and influence more? How far are we towards a gender balance in mass media? 

The conversation on this matters in Greece has been taken up again since WIFT has been founded and the event “Equality in Film” was organized last April. With the event on 20.6. we aim to enrich the conversation with the experience of women in other media, such as radio, tv and newspapers, and give it also the aspect of our international guest.

The event will be held in Greek in English, with simultaneous translation.

Join us!