Rethinking Europe 05

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A series of lectures on Europe’s future - 05 Sandro Mezzadra

A series of lectures on Europe’s future - 05 Sandro Mezzadra
14 June 2016

In 2016 and until this summer, we continue with our Rethinking Europe series. A series of lectures that, starting from the Greek crisis, aims to refocus the discussion on Europe’s future. Tackling the economic crisis in Greece reflects more comprehensive strategies for Europe. Thus, we bring together influential intellectuals from Europe and the USA to reflect on the consequences of the prevailing hegemonial politics and to rethink a social and political project for Europe.

Lecture 05. Sandro Mezzadra – A constituent process in Europe? Crisis, emergency government and the chance of a new democratic invention

Sandro Mezzadra teaches political theory at the University of Bologna and he is assistant professor – researcher at the Institute for Culture and Society at the University of Western Sydney. He is also a visiting professor at Humboldt University, Berlin. He In the last decade, his work focuses mainly on the relationship between globalization, migration and citizenship, as well as the post-colonial theory and criticism. He actively participates in the “post-workerist ‘discussions and is one of the founders of Euronomade website (www.euronomade.info)


There will be simultaneous translation from and into Greek and Italian. Admission is free.