No Direction Home: What “home” is provided – what needed?

The event is over.
14 May 2017

No Direction Home is the latest publication of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s Office in Greece. This publication includes 235 photos of 30 Greek photographers capturing the refugee experience. The war zones, the survivors, their passage to Greece, the dead people in the sea, the trapped lives at the hot spots, the fences in Idomeni, the squats’ experience, the despair of the Balkan route, the camp at Calais.

On this occasion we invite you on Sunday, May 14, 20:00, at the 14th Thessaloniki International Book Fair (Babel room, Pavilion 15), to the public discussion:

No Direction Home: What “home” is provided – what needed?

Dimitris Tosidis, photographer

Konstantinos Tsakalidis, photographer

Dimitris Hadzaras, photographer

Antonis Gazakis, teacher, member of the Odysseus Solidarity School

Marianna Karakoulaki, journalist