Neo-Nazism on trial

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The cases of NSU and Golden Dawn

The cases of NSU and Golden Dawn
21 November 2018

In July 2018, after 5 years, the trial against the Nazi terrorist organization NSU in Germany was completed. The organization had committed 10 racially motivated murders in the period 2000-2007. The trial verdict was disappointing: not much light was shed on the case, contrary to what Chancellor Merkel herself promised when the organization’s criminal activity was unveiled in 2011. Many questions remain unanswered, the sentences were quite soft.

In Greece, Golden Dawn is on trial since 2015. In this huge and complicated trial, what shall be judged are not only the crimes themselves, but also – most importantly – whether Golden Dawn acts as a criminal organization.

In a time where the far-right is constantly gaining ground and participating in coalition governments across Europe, but also where far-right rhetoric shifts the political dispute more and more to the right, the prosecution of far-right organizations is one of the means of confronting them. The effectiveness of this means and the need for a broad front against the extreme right are the issues that will concern us in this public debate.



Thanasis Kambayiannis, lawyer of the Civil Action in the Golden Dawn trial

Antonia von der Behrens, lawyer of the Civil Action in the NSU trial

Stevi Kitsou, Golden Dawn Watch

Ulli Jentsch, NSU-Watch

Caro Keller, NSU-Watch

The discussion will be moderated by Kostis Papaioannou, Golden Dawn Watch.


Entrance is free.

There will be simultaneous translation Greek-German.