Elections in Germany – Change of politics?

The event is over.
20 April 2017

The federal elections in Germany on September 24 will result in a new federal parliament. With the socialist SPD catching up in the polls, there seems to be a wind of change. After three legislative periods under a CDU-led government, what are the chances for a change of power? Even more, for a change of politics? What is the focus of the parties’ campaigns, where does the Left stand? Does chancellor candidate Martin Schulz shift the socialists to the left? How strong is far-right-wing AfD? What are the most probable scenarios for the formation of a coalition government and how could a new German government influence the power balance within the European Union? Does Greece play a role in the German political game and what would be the impact of a change of power in Germany?

A panel discussion on the upcoming federal election in Germany and its impact on Greece and Europe, with:

  • Dagmar Enkelmann, chairwoman of the board of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
  • Axel Troost, MP and vice chairman DIE LINKE
  • Christos Katsioulis, head of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s Office in Greece
  • Kaki Bali, journalist, chief editor of the Sunday edition of Avgi newspaper

There will be simultaneous translation from and into Greek and German. Admission is free.