Neo-Nazi mobilization in the constellation of crisis

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The rise of the Nazi construct the Golden Dawn in Greece

The rise of the Nazi construct the Golden Dawn in Greece
21-23 October 2013

Events with Dimitris Psaras Frankfurt (21/10), Nuremberg (22/10) and Stuttgart (23/10)

The journalist and writer Dimitris Psaras presents in Germany the brochure titled “neo-Nazi mobilization in the constellation of the crisis,” which was recently published in German, in series “Analysen” of RLS.
In this brochure Dimitris Psaras makes a brief review of the history of the construct of the Golden Dawn, outlines the key features, maps voters and attempts an assessment of the reasons for the sudden electoral success amid the crisis. Written for the German public, this pamphlet aims to carry out the actual image of a construct that lately, at least prior to the arrest of top executives, enjoyed widespread tolerance – if not support, mainly from the mainstream media. The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation as part of the anti-fascist-Nazi action, hoping that the pamphlet will contribute to better informed the German public about a matter that has already reached alarming proportions in Greece – in the belief that knowledge leads to solidarity.

To promote  the brochure in Germany three presentations-discussions are organised:

Frankfurt, 10.21.2013, at 19:00 Türk Halkevi, Türkisches Volkshaus e.V., Werrastr.

“>Nuremberg, 10.22.2013, at 19:00 Nachbarschaftshaus Gostenhof, Adam-Klein-Str.

“>Stuttgart, 23.10.2013, at 18:30 Linkes Zentrum Lilo Hermann, Böblinger Straße 105, 70199 Stuttgart