Golden Dawn Watch

The event is over.
20 April 2015-31 December 2017
The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Office in Greece) supports the initiative Golden Dawn Watch, an observatory that monitors the trial against Golden Dawn in Athens. The trial started at April 20, 2015 and is expected to last several months. Golden Dawn Watch, through accredited colleagues, will monitor the trial from the courtroom, and at the end of each day will publish a summary report in Greek and English, in order to inform the Greek and international public about this extremely important trial. These reports, along with some more texts about the trial, will also be published on this page, under “Weiter lesen” (Read more). We believe that trial monitoring and independent information raises public awareness and develops a strong resistance against racism, fascism and Neo-Nazism. On the Golden Dawn Watch website you can find more material, texts and continuous information about the trial.

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GoldenDawnWatch.org – Για την παρακολούθηση της δίκης της Χ.Α.