Exhibition “Sunday Women”

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Stories of Georgian domestic workers in Athens

Stories of Georgian domestic workers in Athens
22 October 2021-12 November 2021
*The exhibition is extended until Friday 12 November

Sunday Women is an exhibition that explores the lives of Georgian women living in Athens in the context of their role as domestic workers in households across the city.

The exhibition begins with a photographic exploration of the Georgian community’s domestic life, as it unfolds in the space of their own homes: individually or collectively rented spaces where they meet on their days off from working in Greek households.

Their stories describe the working conditions they are faced with, the experience of working as live-in domestic workers and the networks of support developed within the community in order to cope with an everyday life spent at the service of others.

The project is a collaboration between Tatiana Mavromati & Laura Maragoudaki.



FREE ENTRY * – Days and hours:
Monday to Friday 19.30-23.00
Saturday / Sunday 11.00-15.00 & 18.00-22.00

* there will be protection measures against COVID-19 / Entry with the presentation of a vaccination certificate / disease or negative test (rapid / PCR).

Tatiana Mavromati is a photographer. She has been photographing women from the Georgian community since 2014, in an attempt to highlight aspects of their lives that are omitted from dominant narratives concerning immigrant communities.

She does this by giving prominence to their dynamism, their networks of support, and their survival strategies against the exclusion they experience in their everyday lives. Her photography aims to capture urban life through the lively, multicultural communities that make up and enrich the city.

Laura Maragoudaki is an artist and a director. Her work combines documentary with visual art research. She is interested in collective and individual narratives that compose the stories of communities.

Her artistic practice combines elements of oral history, the use of archives and the collaboration with communities themselves.