Concentration of wealth and increasing poverty

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Causes, trends and coping strategies

Causes, trends and coping strategies
18-20 April 2013

The number of people affected by poverty in Europe is increasing, as it grows and the private and public debt. It enhances the private wealth of a small group of people and economic power is concentrated in fewer and fewer. About 10% of Europeans held in 60-70% of wealth in Europe.
While much is known about poverty, we have little evidence and information on the consequences and implications of increasingly unequal distribution of wealth, which is considered the main cause of the current crisis.
More and more social movements begin to discuss this issue and organize nationwide campaigns, demanding higher taxes for the rich. In some countries, such as Germany, the proponents of this claim include even rich.

The objectives of the three-day conference are:

  • To summarize the current trends in terms of concentration of wealth and increasing poverty in different EU countries (figures for poverty, for the redistribution of wealth, the fundamental causes of the situation, etc.)
  • to discuss the implications of the increasingly unequal distribution of wealth for social cohesion, welfare and democracy,
  • to make an inventory of existing national and / or European initiatives and campaigns to address the issue,
  • to reflect together and to devise strategies and approaches to reducing the unequal distribution of wealth.