• I feel that my home is the whole world, where there are clouds and birds and human tears.
  • Freedom is always freedom of dissenters.
  • Freedom without equality is exploitation. Equality without freedom is oppression. Solidarity is the common root of freedom and equality.
  • Political freedom does not protect the people against social injustice.
  • Anyone who does not move, does not feel his chains!
  • Self-criticism, the relentless, frightening, radical self-criticism is the air and the light in the life of the proletarian movement.
  • The most important thing is to remain human.
  • The nature of a woman is reflected not where love begins, but where it ends.
  • The most revolutionary act is to say things as they truly are.
  • Such is life, and we must take it, brave, courageous and smiling - in spite of everything.
  • Revolution is wonderful, and everything else is nonsense!
  • Alienated and depreciated is not only the one who has no bread, but also the one who has no share in the great goodness of humanity.
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