Bodies that Mutter

Poetic Autoethnography and Digital Textuality

Bodies That Mutter is at once a book and a digital artefact that defines the emergent genre of poetic autoethnography: a fragile, layered narrative that documents various transitions
during a period of eleven years. It consists of poems, multimodal insinuations (links accessible in the virtual version), and a theoretical outro. Writing it has felt like manually typesetting a queer palpitating text. Observe yourself while immersed in the fragments of the artefact and look for your own mutterings as they surface. Thanks for taking this leap with me.


You can download the book here.

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Anna Apostolidou is an anthropologist, mother of two, and author of five books, including Re/producing Fictional Ethnographies: Surrogacy and Digitally Performed Anthropological Knowledge (Palgrave Macmillan, 2022); Anthropological Approaches to Digital Education (Kallipos, 2022); and Queering the Motherland: Male Same-sex Desire and the Greek Nation (LAP, 2018).
Bodies That Mutter is her first book of poetry.