Local governance

The economic crisis has brought local communities face the needs of their population but also the responsibility of their residents for greater participation and solidarity. Yet, it has brought deep breaches at the local communities linked to the right to diversity, the coexistence with other ethnic groups, the right to humane living conditions and its renounce. In this situation and while central administration reduces the local governance budget and abandons various social structures, local communities shall respond with a variety of actions and initiatives. RLS Office in Greece is organizing a program of local governance policies exchange between Greece and Germany, in order to contribute to the exchange of best practices and also highlight the importance of a left answer to the aforementioned challenge, on the administration but also on the solidarity level.
4-5 April 2014
Reclaiming the City
25-29 August 2013
Local governments in Germany and Greece in times of crisis
3-5 February 2013
Local government: opportunities and Left action limits by example Athens, Dresden and Leipzig


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