Office in Greece

The aim of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation activities in Greece is the analysis of the dramatic impact that neoliberal policies regarding the crisis has brought to Greek society, the creation of a broad and open public sphere and the support of the Greek comrades in their fight against this policies. Central point to this work is the exchange of experiences between Germans and Greeks.

Activity sections

Since mid-2012 the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation has an Office in Athens to coordinated this work.

In this context the following issues are addressed:

  • The crisis and the left approach for a solution.
  • The rise of neo-Nazism in Greece and the fight against it.
  • The study of the impact of privatization on democracy and participation.
  • The exchange of experience between local politicians, activists or public and social institutions to strengthen and revitalize the community.
  • Improving the situation of immigrants within the crisis of Europe.

As part of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation's activities that are organized in Greece, are Greek unionists’, politicians’ and experts’ visits in Germany where lectures are given and informative discussions are carried out, and cultural-political projects are supported aiming to renewing social development.


Office in Greece
Kallidromiou 17, Athens


Headquarters at Berlin
Franz-Mehring-Platz 1,