October 2012
Athens, The Hub Events

Opening event of RLS Office in Greece

On October 9, 2012 Rosa Luxeburg Stiftung – Office in Greece held its opening. At noon our office (Kallidromiou 17 Exarchia) was open to the public. Guests were informed of the Foundation's activities in Greece, Germany and other countries where it has branches in tPA. They also had the opportunity to see the exhibition of photographs of Joy Kaminara titled Krisis.

The afternoon opening event took place in the building “The Hub Events” in Kato Petralona. On behalf of RLS in Berlin and Brussels, respectively, hosts of the event was Gabriele Kickut and Klaus Sühl. Greetings were sent by the German ambassador to Greece, Wolfgang Dold. The director of RLS, Florian Weiss, stressed the need for the establishment of the Office in Greece, especially at such a time. A presentation  followed, in a format of question and answer by the coordinator of the Office Greece, Ioanna Meitani. Mr. Bernd Riexinger, chairman of the German Left Party (Die Linke), recalled that the opening of the Office in Greece coincided with the brief visit of Chancellor Merkel in Athens and mass rally against the policy of which was organized in the city center. Mr. Riexinger after visiting the Children's Hospital "Aghia Sophia" the same morning, went to protest along with Alexis Tsipras and members of SYRIZA and Die Linke. In his speech, therefore, he pointed out the gap between the political party of Merkel's policy and showed that there are "two Germanys": the one, that represents his party, opposes the policy of the Memorandum and cutbacks. He noted that there can be no change in Greece without a corresponding shift in the whole of Europe and declared its solidarity in Greece. Last ascended to the podium, the president of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, who expressed joy and satisfaction at the establishment of the Office in Greece: "We need more than ever the insight, critical process and the theoretical analysis for the social impact and restructuring it causes this neoliberal onslaught, "he said.



Office in Greece
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