March 2022

No to War

Statement from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (Greece Office)

Deeply concerned about war and violence in Ukraine after the brutal invasion of Russian troops the Greek office of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung is reaching out in solidarity to our dear colleagues in Kyiv who already fled the city under shelling and to all of our friends in Ukraine and Russia who are against all wars, militarism and nationalist use of violence.

We stand firm with our antifascist comrades all over Europe with the demand to immediately stop all fighting and hostile action. Together with them we reject with the strongest terms all attempts of the Russian side to claim antifascist terminology and to declare this ruthless war of aggression an necessary anti-nazi-operation.

Stop the war!

Stop the propaganda!

Against all militarism and nationalism!


RLS Greece office



Office in Greece
Kallidromiou 17, Athens


Headquarters at Berlin
Franz-Mehring-Platz 1,