Local governance
February 2013
Athens, RLS Office in Greece

Local government: opportunities and Left action limits by example Athens, Dresden and Leipzig

The economic crisis has led the population of Greece to an emergency, thus continually exacerbated the problems in the areas of food, housing, medical care, work, education, culture. The state does not adequately address these problems and is willing to contribute to their solution. This situation of the people has other consequences: (political) distress, increasing the number of suicides, the rise of neo-Nazism, inertia, apathy. The Left is therefore faced with a major challenge, and called to offer hope and perspective. How to act in the heart of society, in neighborhoods and cities? How can Left provide practical assistance to those in need, while making another life and coexistence model? Focusing on these questions, the RLS (Office in Greece - Brussels Office) organizes an exchange of local policies from Athens, Dresden and Leipzig to become a fruitful exchange of views and put the basis for a political cooperation.



Office in Greece
Kallidromiou 17, Athens


Headquarters at Berlin
Franz-Mehring-Platz 1,