December 2021

Living in times of Covid-19: Refugees SHARE their EXPERIENCE

On Saturday, December 18, 12:00-13:30, "Babel Day Centre" and "Covid-19 Refugees Info", with the support of the "Rosa Luxemburg Foundation", will celebrate International Migrants Day by participating in this year's Greek Forum of Migrants' celebration events entitled
"We live together, we celebrate together. International Migrants Day in the Covid 19 era"
Therefore, we invite you to an online event, focusing on the experiences of refugees and migrants during the pandemic.
In the event "Living in times of Covid-19: Refugees SHARE their EXPERIENCE" we will share personal stories, through photos, videos and live participations and we will discuss
what it means to be a migrant and a refugee in the Covid-19 era.
Nikolaos Gionakis,
Adla Shashati,
Elektra Stefanou,
Georgia Gioka & Marina Stathopoulou,
Congolese Community in Greece
Refugees who shared their story through
*Event will be held in Greek and English language


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