November 2014
Gazarte (Voutadon 32, Gazi) / Auditorium 9,84 (Peiraios 100, Gazi)

Do the right thing! Mapping and Confronting Neo-Nazis and the (New) Far-Right in Europe


Even before the European elections in 2014 we already knew that far right political parties and movements are increasingly gaining ground in Europe. Despite the many similarities between political parties and organisations, the European far right is no uniform political occurrence. UKIP in Great Britain, Front National in France, Alternative für Deutschland in Germany or Golden Dawn in Greece are showing significant differences.

Our conference will mainly deal with the following questions: what are the ideologies of the far right in the different countries? What role does the economic and financial crisis play within the rise of right wing parties? Which methods are the far right parties using to increase public acceptance and to offer themselves as new allies to the conservative parties in their countries? Where do far right parties stand today within their progress in governmental institutions and where do they find support? What are the possibilities to resist the far right on European and national levels?

In view of the upcoming trials of the Golden Dawn leadership in Greece lawsuits against the far right in the different European countries will play a prominent role during the conference.

The conference was organized in cooperation with attac.


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Kallidromiou 17, Athens


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