December 2012
Athens, RLS Office in Greece

Coping strategies of neo-Nazism in schools

In 2012 the threat of neo-Nazism in Greece has increased dramatically. With a presence in parliament and public life, his followers are trying in every way to loudly declare their presence at every opportunity and in every area of ​​social life - including, in schools. The seminar on "Coping strategies of neo-Nazism in schools" wants to give a first opportunity for teachers and experts from Greece and Germany to exchange views and to work together methods and coping strategies, which, in its second year, will condense and will be published in a form convenient for teachers and teachers, educators, parents and politicians.

The seminar is structured into four sections, each of which will be discussed at a three-hour session.



Office in Greece
Kallidromiou 17, Athens


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