April 2014
Brussels, International Press Center

Right-Wing Extremism and Xenophobia in Greece: Tip of the Iceberg

Neo-Nazism in Police, Army, Judiciary and Church.

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On Tuesday 1.4.2013, during a press conference in Brussels, at the Résidence Palace – International Press Center (Room Passage, 155, rue de la Loi – Blok C, 1040 Brussels) at 14:00, we will present a study that was carried out for RLS, titled


"Mapping Ultra-Right Extremism, Xenophobia and Racism
within the Greek State Apparatus


The study was coordinated and edited by Dimitris Christopoulos, professor in Panteion University and vice president of the International Federation for Human Rights, and it was conducted by an interdisciplinary team of Greek researchers made-up by: Dimitris Kousouris, Dimosthenis Papadatos, Klio Papapantoleon, Alexandros Sakellariou and the editor.

The study focuses on the key sectors of the state apparatus which are particularly exposed to far-right ideology or even more “welcoming” towards mapping of ultra-right extremism, within their ranks. Those sectors are the Police, the Army, the Church and the Judiciary.

The study records, documents and analyses in detail.

While there have already been studies about ultra-right political culture in Greek society, the recording and the documentation of the infiltration of the structures of the Greek state by this culture is attempted for the first time.

The conclusions are provided neither for impressive convenient readings nor for complacency.

The ultra-right state symptom of Greece has its own route, an output of Greek peculiarities of the past and present which are analyzed in the study, part of a long historical tradition, in all respects relevant to the European continent. A tradition that in difficult moments –“crisis” moments like this– awakens and reminds us that Europe is not only the cradle of rights and freedoms, but also of the most totalitarian ideologies that humanity gave birth to.


In this sense, the Greek ultra-right symptom is an extreme version of the European.


The study will be published in Greek and presented in Athens in the next few months. A shorter version in English will be available online after the press conference.


The panel of the press conference:

  • Gabriele Zimmer, Chairwoman, GUE/NGL
  • Hans van Heijningen, Secretary General, Socialist Party of the Netherlands
  • Marie-Christine Vergiat, MEP, GUE/NGL
  • Bodo Ramelow, Chairman, parliamentary group DIE LINKE, Landtag Thuringia
  • Dimitris Christopoulos, professor in Panteion University and vice president of the International Federation for Human Rights.


Registration for the press conference: e-mail to Mareike Post, [email protected].

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